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Welcome to Fitpass

Fitpass is a fast growing startup – unique system for motivation, which allows employees from private and public sector to use large number of sport facilities and activities throughtout Serbia, Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Fitpass membership is a great way to invest in employees, opportunity to strengthen their loyalty to your Company and increase productivity. Thanks to our approach to constant development of employees, with our individual deals and upgrading of the system, Fitpass is a pioneer of this type of rewarding the employees in Serbia and Turkey.

Fitpass system will increase the physical condition, as well as productivity of employees in all companies that are involved in the program..

Variety of choices

With Fitpass, you can experience different sports, gyms, disciplines and environments for getting your training to the next level. The variety of choices enables you to combine multiple training styles and break the monotony of "same gym, same training" periods.

We believe that convenience and variety of options is essential in keeping up the good shape.
That's what Fitpass is all about.

Mission & vision

Mission: To provide huge variety of training to people all across Europe with exceptional service and affordable prices.

Vision: To become one of the world’s leading company that inspires and helps people to live healthy, lean and motivated lives in an easy way.

Working Hours

MON 08:00
TUE 08:00
WED 08:00
THU 08:00
FRI 08:00
SAT 10:00
SUN Closed

Gym & Fitness

Get access to the best gyms and fitness studios in your country. Explore tons of sport facilities and break the monotony of „same gym, same training“ period.


CrossFit is one of the most popular and challenging workout programs. If you want to work hard, make maximum results in the short amout of time and have a great time during it, go on and join the nearest CrossFit centre.

Dance classes

There are numerous benefits to partaking in dance classes ranging from increasing your amount of daily exercise to making new friends with shared interests. Move those hips and start sweating!

Team sports

Bond your teams even further by giving them an opportunity to cooperate and compete in team sports. Either it’s basketball, football or other, strenghten your teams in the old fashion way.

Group trainings

A better way to track workouts.
Join a group training, meet new people and get fit on the fun way. Aerobic, Pilates, Zumba, Yoga and so many others – pick the one you love and get started.


A better way to track workouts.
We know how relaxing time is important. Let yourself enjoy some exotic massage, hot jaccuzi, steam bath, sauna or some other program you prefer in your favorite Spa Centre.


Physical activity plays an important role in the health, well-being and quality of life for children. Most important, it develops children’s self-esteem and confidence. Help your children to grow in health and satisfied people.


Are you tired of exploring new sport facilities and training classic workout programs? Try out some extreme activities and get your training on the new level.

Martial arts

Martial Arts isn’t just about self defence. It offers loads of other benefits for adults and children from improving fitness to boosting confidence.

Swimming pools

Even if you’re not an exceptional swimmer, you can still enjoy a swimming pool. Join Water Aerobics or take Water Polo classes. Sign your kids into swimming and diving school!

Expectant mothers

Experts say – when you are expecting it’s important to keep moving! Do something good for your’s and your baby’s health and join tons of classes that are made for expectant mothers.

Team buildings

You want to increase productivity and make better connections in company? With FitPass you can organize exciting team-buildings and build a strong, healthy company.

Fun recreation

After hard work at the office or at the gym you need some time to rest. Invite your friends or co-workers and get in the favorite bowling club, play some darts or challenge each other in a game of billiard.


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